American Lamb – Full Course

American Lamb – Full Course


Master Chef Jon Moosmiller demonstrates a whole lamb breakdown in this course including tips on where to start and more. Learn about primal cuts and how to fabricate with the American Master Chef Order (AMCO).

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This course includes both Section 1 and 2 of the American Lamb Course:

The first course in this series will cover the following objectives:

  • Breaking down a whole animal into primal cuts
  • Learn about the differences between domestic and foreign lamb.
  • Identify the primal cuts of a lamb.
  • Understand where to make the first cut.
  • Knowledge of how to count ribs when fabricating a whole lamb.
  • Identify the location of the sub primal cuts.

The second course in this series will cover the following objectives:

  • Fabricating primal cuts of lamb into retail/useable cuts
  • Processing the saddle of lamb into a roulade
  • Cooking suggestions for the saddle of lamb
  • Breaking down a whole leg of lamb into useable cuts
  • Removing the chime bone from the rack of lamb
  • Fabricating the rack primal into useable cuts
  • Methods to breakdown the shoulder portion of a lamb
  • Recipes and techniques to cook Colorado lamb

The course material is self-paced for you to learn and review as much as you would like. Videos and handouts are provided to provide you a better understanding of how to fabricate a whole lamb into the primal cuts.

Course Length: 10-hours

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