Opportunities are available for individuals seeking education at Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG). Applications must be complete and on time for the committee to review. Multiple quarterly scholarships are in the process of becoming available.

Enroll in ’24 Scholarship

A limited number of scholarships are open to students of the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy’s Sous Chef Apprenticeship Training Program whom enroll for the 2024 calender year.  The Soil2Service Enroll in ‘24 Scholarship is open to all incoming students that enroll full-time in the DIG Sous Chef Apprenticeship Program.  For the student to qualify and remain qualified for the duration of the program these parameters are to be met.

  • Must enroll as a full-time student in the Sous Chef Apprenticeship Program.
  • The first monthly payment must be made within 5 days from the first day of the quarter start.
  • Student must be enrolled in the monthly automatic payment plan.
  • This scholarship cannot be combined with any other discounts, scholarships, grants, or government, state, and city funding.
  • Transcript review scenarios may not be eligible for this scholarship, pending the review of accepted and needed credits.

Read more here: Enroll in ’24 Scholarship Document

Women In Culinary Apprenticeship Scholarship

Research shows that businesses with women in leadership roles and a diverse workforce perform better economically with higher productivity and increased attention to detail. Though there has been progress towards increasing gender diversity in many industries, the culinary arts industry still lags. In 2021, women made up only 25% of cooks and chefs in the United States.

Soil2Service and Detroit Institute of Gastronomy (DIG) believe that through apprentice education, students are provided a chance to learn the skills needed to lead the culinary industry and through this tuition scholarship, we hope to help reduce the gender gap in professional kitchens.

The Women In Culinary Apprenticeship (WIA) Scholarship is open to all fully enrolled female apprentice students. Applications are accepted at any time and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee quarterly. Full (one year tuition) and Partial Scholarship are available.

Read more here: WIA Scholarship Document

Soil2Service Commitment Scholarship

Available to help grow and build the culinary workforce through apprenticeship training. Soil2Service is proud to offer a limited number of scholarships to students of the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy’s Sous Chef Apprenticeship Training Program.  The Soil2Service Commitment Scholarship is open to all incoming students that enroll full-time in DIG courses for one year (four quarters).  The scholarship is renewable for a second year (four quarters) provided the student is enrolled full-time, is academically in good standing (see student catalog) and is up-to-date with tuition payments.

 Scholarship Awards Available:

Detroit, Michigan Resident – $3500.00

Michigan Resident – $3000.00

Out of State Resident – $2000.00

Read more here: DIG Committment Scholarship Flyer

Students that have completed a minimum of one quarter in the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher are eligible to  apply for the American Culinary Federation’s American Academy of Chefs (AAC) Apprenticeship Program Scholarship. To learn more about the application procedure click here. For additional information about scholarship opportunities through the American Culinary Federation and to learn more about the ACF, click here.


S2S Executive Directors Place of Employment Grant

Soil2Service is committed to improving the human condition through all things food with a focus on education. The Executive Director Team is awarding incoming students of the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy who, at the time of enrollment, are already working at a qualifiable Place of Employment. A copy of the student’s most recent paycheck stub will verify employment. This one-time POE grant in the amount of $250.00 will assist students in beginning their culinary apprentice education through DIG. The grant will be applied as a reduction to the student’s first quarter tuition cost.

This grant opportunity is no longer available.

Hospitality Industry Workers Grant

In an effort to support the hospitality industry workers and help offset the struggles of individuals in our communities, Soil2Service is offering $100.00, one time grants to eligible hospitality workers impacted by the restaurant/bar/casino shut down in Michigan due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant is awarded on a first come first serve basis to fully completed applications to help offset daily expenses.

This grant opportunity is no longer available. Thank you to all that supported the effort in helping our industry.

The Soil2Service Board of Directors is offering a limited number of grants to eligible, fully enrolled Detroit Institute of Gastronomy students. This grant is designed to help offset the start up cost of the program by covering the cost of registrations fees along with covering the cost of the culinary tool kit, uniform and membership fees. Students must have a completed, signed and filed enrollment agreement for the Detroit Institute of Gastronomy prior to applying for this grant.

This grant opportunity is no longer available.

Changing Lives Through Education

Assist in the startup of The Culinary Studio; a place to connect, learn and share. Located next to Detroit’s Eastern Market, this kitchen space will be the hub of culinary wellness education